Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Durham Visit

This took place on July 15th, the weekend before I moved to CT.

Before leaving NC, I wanted to get over to Durham to visit my aunt Edie and uncle Steve. I hadn't been to their house since maybe high school, or even middle school.  Edie was free and agreed to show me around. Durham gets a bad rap, and of course it is hot as heck compared to Asheville, but Edie knew all the cool and artsy stuff to do there. Plus, there is the hand-made popsicle place, Locopops, to consider.

We started out the day at Duke Gardens.




Next, we hit up the old tobacco district. It's done up really interestingly, and was fun to walk along. Unfortunately, it was Sunday and a lot of stuff was closed for the whole day. Boo.



After that, we drove over to see the building where Edie's got her studio.


Here's Edie's wonderfully colorful studio with her artwork peppering the walls.


Just across the parking lot was The Scrap Exchange, which was wonderful. All sorts of recycled materials, along with a small shop of crafts made from upcycled things.

The Scrap Exchange

Aisle upon aisle of old suitcases, strangely shaped glass vases, sheets of plastic, bins of bottle caps, rope, old typewriters and suitcases, fabric, ribbon, buttons, stuffing, cassette tapes, etc etc etc.

The Scrap Exchange

In the back was a workshop area, where you could work with the materials you picked up.

The Scrap Exchange

After The Scrap Exchange, we booked it back to do dinner with my cousin Travis before I hit the road back to Asheville. A whirlwind tour that hit all the good stuff :)

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