Monday, August 13, 2012

Camping on Slate Rock

This took place on July 7th/8th.

For this adventure, Jon and I hiked up to Slate Rock, camped on top and hiked down in the morning, with time to eat breakfast at a diner, shower and get to work. Since I didn't have a pack at the time, Jon was stuck hauling all of our gear...

Big Pack

... while I skipped on up with a small Osprey hydration pack. To be fair, I had also recently injured my knee and was taking it easy.

Tiny Pack

Due to the lighting, the ailing camera, and pulling my hair back and securing all fly-aways with a headband, I look as bald as the rock we were hiking towards.

What I would look like bald.

Me, Waterfall, etc.

It was getting dark as we were hiking up. I had worked until 5:00 and then run home to pack, so we got a bit of a late start.

Hiking through the ferns.

Jon, Waterfall, etc.

On the hike up, I got my picture taken with a snail.

Me and a snail.

(He was fastidiously working away at the mushrooms, and couldn't be bothered to notice us.)


On a scale of Pretty to Not Pretty, what would you guess the view was at the top? Trick question; the answer is Very Pretty.

Slate Rock


I made a fire and Jon cooked us up some Ramen and mac n cheese.

Mac n' Cheese

In the morning, this was our view.

I camped here. Believe it.

Not a bad way to start your day, huh? Another great little Asheville trip, about a 30 minute drive from my house.

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