Sunday, July 29, 2012

PODS - How Do They Work?

I am not even being prideful here when I say that my PODS container was the hottest thing on the block. Neighbors came out to watch it being hauled away.


People stopped on the street to ask me about how they worked, what they did with them, if they were waterproof, etc. I myself didn't see the container get delivered and was perplexed as to how you get a giant glorified tupperware container off the ground and onto the back of a truck without just... I don't know, dragging it up there? Well, here's how it's done.

Don't forget to pack it full of your shiz.


Lock it up with your own lock. The truck will come and back up to it.


An At-At Walker sort of thing that's remote controlled by the driver will pick itself up and settle itself over the container.


It crouches, so to speak, to get chained to the PODS.



Then you pretty much reverse it to where the remote controlled contraption has lifted it up and is carrying the container over onto the truck bed. It sets it down, the contraption's legs/wheels come up, and it's pretty much on its way.


Cool,  huh? I'm not gonna lie, PODS are kind of expensive. But then, moving's very expensive, not only in initial costs but in very sneaky ways, too. This happened to be the best way for me to move: I could take my time and pack it up, because you can negotiate drop off and pick-up dates, and with the cost, you're basically 'renting' it for a month. Meaning, I have some time to find an apartment, aka an address to ultimately deliver to. It will stay in storage until I summon it. As a bonus, if I had to get into it before I moved into a new place, I could call ahead and get it brought out to the front of their storage facility so I could dig through it.

I would definitely rate this as the second best way to move, the first being to pile all of your things in the middle of the street and light them on fire before turning your back and walking away. But when that's not really an option, this is a pretty good way to move all of your terrible worldly possessions.

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