Thursday, April 19, 2012

WI Buddies

My buddy Pete and his girlfriend Adrienne were in town from Milwaukee, and my work load for the week was light, so we ran around all sorts of places! We went for a hike in Bent Creek, did dinner at Mayfel's downtown, got ice cream at Ultimate Ice Cream and Adrienne and I spent most of a day doing our part to help the economy, shopping for books and clothes.

Dinner at Mayfel's.

Pete and Adrienne at Mayfel

We saw this on our hike in Bent Creek, near the lake.

Champion Forest Fire Preventer

This is Pete's new dog, Mara. She's also a Champion Forest Fire Preventer.

Champion Forest Fire Preventer

Hm. I thought I had a few more pictures, but it looks like that's it! Anyway there was too much fun to be had to be taking photos all the time.

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