Friday, April 27, 2012

Aunts Descend Upon Asheville

Last week, my three aunts (one each from Northern Wisconsin, California and North Carolina, natch) and my step mom Sue visited Asheville on their tour of the south. We checked out the Woolworth Walk and one of the other artist galleries downtown, just shopping along. Even though I saw all sorts of cool stuff, I only bought two bars of handmade soap- one oatmeal/vanilla, and another one that smells like gummy worms. Bathing in gummy worms.... mmmmm.

Oh, and my aunt Pam also treated me to a delicious chocolate milkshake at the Woolworth lunch counter. It was a decidedly food centric day. (Pam, from CA, is on the right while Sue is on the left. Andy and Edie were too focused on shopping to be bothered by refreshments.)

Soda Fountain at Woolworth Walk

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