Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Unhappiest Easter Egg (and Other Things)

The Unhappiest Easter Egg. The parents said their child imagined the egg being very sad that it was boiled and couldn't go on being a raw egg.

The Saddest Easter Egg

An anthropomorphic eggplant at Amazing Savings.

Emo Eggplant

Emo Eggplant

Pretty light from a neon sign in a window.

The Asheville Public

Some Prana shorts that I bought on the cheap to fix up. They fit like we were meant for each other. I used my sewing machine to fill in the holes where the snaps pulled out. now to fix up the new 'button holes' and sew a couple of buttons on.

Repair Job

Some gorgeous flowers from the shrub outside the back door. The vase was my mom's. I used to think it was the prettiest vase ever. I had a thing for ruffles, I think.

Prettay Flowers

The end of The Bad Seed. And no, I won't ruin it for you by telling you how it ends, so don't ask!

The Bad Seed

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