Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wine and Design Birthday Party

I'm in a book club, and one of the women in it, Ece, runs a Wine and Design place. For my friend Laura's birthday, she decided to hold a get-together at Ece's Wine and Design. It's basically a place you can go to drink wine, eat snacks and paint with acrylics, resulting in a buzz and a painting at the end of two hours. At the risk of sounding like an ad for it, it was pretty cool. We all brought our own wine and there was a table set out for our little feast. It's like party aid for the hopeless cases like me. All you have to do is bring wine and food, and they have corkscrews, cups and little plates for snack sharing (something I would be sure to forget). We mingled for a bit and then eventually got around to painting.

We put on aprons that were provided for us. The canvases, paint, brushes and water were all set out for us. To aid the process, there was a penciled in outline of the elephant on each canvas. It was almost.... too easy.

Since I had a Groupon for two for W&D, I had dragged Robb along for this, even though he tried his best to weasel out of it. I think we both had more fun than we thought we would. In my case, I have a paint snobbery towards acrylics. I don't have the skills necessary to mix them successfully, and I like being able to push paint around the canvas and work back into it. Oils are the thing for this girl. But, as all snobberies go, they're best when set aside. Robb doesn't paint at all, but he got into it and had a good time, too.

Advertisement over! Here's what we wound up with at the end of the night. (Mine's upside down because I had just painted the bottom edge of the canvas):

Wine and Design

Robb's has tube socks on.

Wine and Design

Here, it's like it's right-side up!

Wine and Design

Group photo time. The instructor is in the middle on the bottom. I'm the obnoxious dissenter in the middle in the top row.

Wine and Design

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