Friday, March 16, 2012

Thursday Night Bent Creek

Such lovely weather! It rained off and on the whole ride but it totally didn't matter. Because guess what? I have a JOB! After a frightening month and a half without one (that's enough, trust me), I got an unexpected call to do some freelance for Cane Creek. It feels great to be back in the business and it's amazing how much not having a job was affecting me. I feel more confident now, and it's showing up in my riding. Plus, not having to worry about buying gas and laundry detergent and pens (my kingdom for a pen around here!) is a big relief. And so life is better, the air is sweeter, and the pens shall flow like water.

The ride felt great, and for once I was less cautious (we were talking overly cautious and plodding around) and for the first time in too long I challenged myself and went fast just because I could and got mud splattered all over me and my poor ol' bike. (I got the Davidson River ravaged derailleur mostly-repaired and let's say 8/9ths of its gears still work.) Ah, Spring!

Fire Road

Kelly, Fire Road

At the top of Greenslick, a descent that felt awesome on this most awesome day.

Top of Greenslick

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