Monday, March 12, 2012

Luggage Tags

Hey y'all, look what I can make.

My old metal body Bernina sewing machine from the 60's quit on me recently, but I was able to borrow a friend's beginner sewing machine. It's great! So easy to thread and really simple, which was just what I'm after. Anyway, my friend Kate sent me some light upholstery samples she had gotten from a friend in the business, so I went in search of some projects to do with scraps of fabric. I found these luggage tags and thought, 'Easy!' No so. The first round had mixed results. The lower right-hand one is the only one using the upholstery- I wanted to practice on expendable fabric from my stash first.

Janky ol' Luggage Tags

Ok, so I found out that ironing the edges took a little practice, and that while sewing I needed about three times the amount of pins I had thought I did, but that if you tack some lace on your uneven edges, it'll hide a lot ;) After those lessons, I went forth with more confidence.

Luggage Tag, front and back

Luggage Tag, front and back

Luggage Tag, front and back

That's a small selection of the tags that are slowly joining the ranks of the craft army amassing in my corner of the living room. Anyway, it's been fun and that's some of what I've been up to lately. Tomorrow we'll bring it back with a post about some biking :)

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