Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Wonderful World of Knitting

Biking? Nope! I've definitely been doing more crafts than cycling lately. Robb and I are taking a knitting class every Tuesday night and learning new tricks. Rather than samplers, I made a bunch of washcloths in different patterns so they'd be useful. I used some cotton yarn I had around so this is really quite the thrifty endeavor.

Lace Washcloth

K Washcloth and Snips

I've been using up some yarn from my stash and making some quick and easy hats. Today I will be tackling pom-poms for the tops of them. Big day!


One evening we went to the yarn store in the Arcade and then hit up our favorite book store, the Battery Park Book Exchange, and sit and read and sip wine and eat a cheese plate. Who says we don't know how to have fun? This is seriously a very cool place, though somewhat loud some nights. The combination of drinks and large seating areas for groups can be a deadly annoying combo.

Battery Park Book Exchange

As seen at the yarn store, yarn with Possum in it. I tend to want a 2:1 ratio of Possum to Organic Cotton, but what can you do?


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