Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Katy Steudel Portfolio

I just got done with my new portfolio website. While that may sound impressive, I'm afraid it really only consisted of uploading my work to a website that had a number of ready-made templates waiting for me. But- it looks pretty cool.

My portfolio!

So why would a graphic designer not design the shiz out of her own portfolio site? I wanted something quick, and it's not entirely because I'm lazy. What would happen if I were to design my own site is that I would agonize over every single detail. I would start it and maybe kinda finish it weeks later, because I would get caught up in details. It would never be done and I would always wonder, "Should I send this prospective employer a link? Noooo, I think I'll wait until I get [some stupid detail] done."

So I chose Krop. Choose a snappy looking design, upload your stuff, and never worry about how your website will appear on a smart phone or an iPad, because they've totally got that covered.

Done. And it's a relief.

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