Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Road Ride?

On the way home from work, I decided on a whim to go for a road ride. Even I was surprised at myself. But it was a nice day, and I'm doing this thing where I try to exercise regularly so that I might become 'in shape'. Teammate Mike and I headed south against the wind. We went down to Bender Park and then headed back downtown, cursing that we hadn't brought money for ice cream at Babe's and squeaking home just as it became too dark to safely ride. Here's Mike at Bender Park:

I got these gloves at the swap meet this past winter and I've been itching to wear them ever since. At last!
Baller White Gloves

A photo for the fans.
Headed Back North

We stopped to watch a family of geese cross the road.
Geese Crossing

Hitting up The Pryor Avenue Iron Well on the way back into town. I like stopping by it, and there usually happens to be someone filling up gallon jugs for drinking water when I stop.
The Pryor Avenue Iron Well

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