Thursday, January 6, 2011

Santa Rampage

Ok, I'm way behind the times. What are you gonna do about it?

The Santa Rampage was fun. Like it always is... and probably always will be. I didn't grab too many photos this time, opting instead to just hang out without a camera in front of my face. I fixed up the horse bike (the rear legs and tail had fallen off during the Halloween XC race), repainted it, and added some wreaths from materials I had bought at the local thrift store and Michael's. The most difficult and awkward task of the whole horse bike project? Tying the big gold bows. I actually had to go online and look up a video of someone tying ribbon bows.


Said bows:
Christmas Horse

Enjoying some quality time with the horse bike on its last outing:
Christmas Horse

These last two photos by Tom Martin. Thanks again!

I didn't keep track of how many people asked why I didn't modify the horse to a reindeer or at least put antlers on it... but it was A LOT. Sorry everyone, child obsessions with horses don't go away just because it's Christmas :)

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