Thursday, January 27, 2011

"Hey guys, watch this."

PRO mountain biking tip: Never cancel your blood donation because you're too busy at work. The universe will find a way to get the blood it feels it's owed.

Ray's is a cruel mistress, friends. I was in the street park, showing off my new found skillz of dropping the inside shoulder and pumping through the corners (skillz lessons courtesy of Jon Wells: The Man, The Myth, The Legend) and I started cutting across the bottom of the bowl and - -

on the floor, knees first then in an instant laid out on my chin. I don't even know exactly what happened, but I know my tires slipped out from underneath me. Looking out across the floor, I could see all the dust from the pump track construction, and looking back at my bike, all the dust on my tires. Well, that was settled.

I stayed down for a moment, sussing things out. Knees, sore but not bad. Left hand, sore. Luckily I hadn't bitten my lips or tongue, and my teeth felt fine. My chin was... stunned. I couldn't feel much but I knew my head had snapped down on the floor. I touched the back of my hand to my chin to check for bleeding. Sho'nuff. A moment later I started dripping on the floor. I stayed put and bled a little puddle while Cale ran and grabbed some napkins. It didn't really hurt, and I never got that sick sinking feeling in my stomach- a pretty tame injury. Not to mention, I now got to get stitches- a first for me!


We tried to go to the urgent care center, but it was 8:30 at night, and it was closed. But then! I remembered I had a doctor friend who had mentioned stitching people up. Perfect! What's that? You wish you had been there to see it? Well, let us show you.

And here I am, all stitched up. Thanks, Doc!

The Final Product

It was actually a pretty pleasant evening.

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Elizabeth said...

I hate that feeling! Blarg. I've split my chin open twice - once riding on cobbles in the philippines and a friend stitched it up too since hospitals in the 90's in Manilla were dubious places, and another time in triple whammy - collarbone, concussion, split chin - skateboarding a few years ago.

I feel like chinjuries are just a gross feeling overall.