Monday, January 24, 2011

The Bad Bike

This is The Bad Bike. The bike is just wrong somehow... the steering is awful, even after a fork change (pictured below). We don't really know what frame it is, but the geometry just doesn't make any sense. I took it to Ray's to ride it and, well, I hated it. I set it aside and rented a Trek Ticket instead. I left it there while trying to decide what to do with it. Cale was at Ray's one night without me, and asked me if I wanted him to bring the bad bike home to work on. Thus, the name came about.

The Bad Bike

That was The Bad Bike. We took it apart, threw the weirdo frame aside, and built up The Good Bike.

The Good Bike

The Good Bike still features some things that are going to get replaced soon (bars, stem), but it's a start. Even riding it down the hall, things felt better. We'll see soon enough when I take it to Ray's, which will maybe be tomorrow or the night after.

It does have some cool features, though. Purple nipples and decals I did at Hayes:

I think I might take the decals off, though, and cut some of my own out of lavender vinyl. That would really bring the wheelset and frame together.

A note on Ray's:
It's hard to tell these days if my muscles are sore from use, or if they're sore from the many bruises populating my limbs. My only hint is whether or not the ache is symmetrical.