Tuesday, July 27, 2010


For the third year in a row, we hosted the La Grange team from California/Mexico. Stu, Victor and Roberto stayed with us for about a week. Poor guys, we've got no air conditioning and it was so, so hot in the apartment during the day, when they were trying to do some recovering. Maybe next year they'll get lucky and land some rich Shorewood retirees. But they were good guests and I consider us to be 'cool' hosts, and we found ways to fit them in- case in point:
(The wine is ours, the bananas are theirs.)

We had a good time as always. We went to a few of the races, and did some fun stuff in between. Two nights of cooking out- one night turned into quite the gathering in the alley.

Roberto and Victor

Somebody brought a margarita maker to Downer Ave.

Margherita Machine

Beware this man, seen creeping around Shorewood with his creepstache.

Mike's Creepstache

We convinced the guys to get on a bike for fun one night, and went to El Rey for some tacos. Victor and Roberto had a great time with the Pugsley.

Cale, Victor, Roberto

A third year in the books!

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