Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A stick does not a trophy make.

I don't have any cool activities to report, since I've been sick with a sucky summer cold for a few days, but the cat's been busy. With cat-tivities. Ah hah hah. Sleeping on top of the bureau, in the bathroom (coolest in there) and sneaking into the closet for naps. I guess that doesn't really sound 'busy' to most people, but I think there's something industrious about ferreting out all these new places to snooze. He's on a mission.

Recently he got outside for a while, out one of the open windows. He came flying back in through the window, bounced off the bed and skidded to a stop on the rug, where he dropped a stick he had been carrying in his teeth.

The Stick Hunter

What a soft indoor cat. I didn't want to hurt his feelings by revealing that I have had proper outdoor cats who have brought me live shrews. Maybe someday I will be so lucky again.

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