Friday, July 9, 2010

Buy some decals. C'mooonnn!

Sales Pitch:

Cale and I bought a vinyl cutter to enhance our lives. And it has. Colors are brighter and food has more flavor. But as with all things, it's never truly wonderful until you share. Let us share this opportunity with you. We can make and sell you many wonderful decals. Wonderful decals that will offset the cost of the vinyl cutter. Seriously, let's get to cuttin'. We have black, white, pink, red and blue, and if you want a different color, we can get it for you.

Team decals for your cars/toolboxes/etc?

Personal decals to make you look PRO.

Up to two feet wide and as long as you'd like (the vinyl comes on a roll).
My car's decal.

This one's 2x3'
Cale's car's decal.

Replacement decals... how about that? Working in the industry, there's a chance I could get the original artwork for you.
Fisher Decals

Awesomeify your bike. Wheels are pretty easy to make an accurate decal for.
Tim Machine

Ok I've said my piece, let the orders roll in.


Money Mike said...

Hey! I saw your Tim Machine on Flickr, plus the props from Hipster Nascar. I wouldn't mind looking into a decal(s) for a raw Ti frameset I've been building up into actual bike. What were you guys thinking on pricing? (I'm also Sealab2021 on Flickr, btw....)

Snacks said...

Hey, yourself! Sounds like a cool project. To give you an idea of pricing, we did the black and red fork decals (both legs) for the mountain bike pictured there for $25. And since it used the same amount of vinyl (due to scrap) we threw in an extra set for if those get scraped up while shredding the gnar.

Email me through flickr mail and we can talk specifics.