Sunday, February 28, 2010

Midas Touch

The black and gold bike is still on, and I've got this inkling that I'm getting seriously weak at resisting gold and/or gold-and-black things. The bike, the swimming suit and now a logo book. Granted, I love a good logo book, but I don't usually pull the plug with so little thought. I was reading an article about the designer and a review of the book, and was doing ok. Then I clicked on a link and behold:

Black cover? Gold lettering? Well ok. :S My fixation's getting a little worrisome.

So how about that biking, huh? On the bike for the first time in a week this afternoon. Cale and I went for a ride on the river trails. Warm out (39 is warm, right?), and it was snowing, which was pretty. The trials were packed down nicely, if not a little slippery from the soft snow. Good snowball weather, though.

Cale and I spent most of the weekend organizing and picking up the bike room and the apartment. It was a long time coming. We donated some clothes and some other awesome things, like a vacuum cleaner that doesn't work very well and an iron from the early 80's. One man's trash is another man's... well, I can't really turn those two around.

I think I'll leave you with that thought.

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