Saturday, February 20, 2010

Frame Find and Book Review

First things first, I'm up in the twin cities for Frostbike. It's actually the first time I've been to QBP, and I'm very impressed. The native peoples (employees) seem happy, and with good reason. There's tons of natural light, the offices look really cool and their bathrooms/locker rooms are rad. Plus, the whole building is Green as f***. Really great. There's some funny signage around in the packing area (I think that's what it is) that makes it seem like they have fun doing their jobs.

Anyway, I didn't just come on here to sing praises about QBP. I came on here to brag. At the scratch and dent sale this morning, I got a couple of really great deals. The first thing I picked up was a BMC TT02 timemachine track/TT frame. It has some chips in the paint, though none of them appear to be actual dents in the frame. Anyway, it's awesome. I wasn't looking for a track frame, but this is certainly a step up from what I had.

Yes, Please.

Come spring everybody's going to be so jealous, like "Who's that fat chick on the awesome bike?" Yes friends, dieting is not going so well yet, but that's another story.

My other great find of the swap was a new trainer. I got my old one off of Craigslist when I was in college. It doesn't really... work well anymore... and is very noisy. So I found an iMagic Tacx trainer for $50 in an incredibly beaten up box and I picked it up, thinking anything would be an upgrade from what I have. Come to find out, it's a $1000 virtual reality trainer. Upgrade? Yes.

Ok, now I'm done bragging about my finds and I'll just ease on into bragging about my vacation. Last year in San Diego we did a heck of a lot of stuff, and it was awesome, but I came back feeling like I needed a vacation. Very tiring. This year I had so much lounging time by the pool, I read a total of five books. FIVE. We rode most days, did a hike, went squid fishing and ate at some pretty cool places. So how about a book review?!

1) The Shelters of Stone- I read this in middle school (I read the whole series of five books, this being the last) and I remembered it being better. I like any of the other five better, but I stuck it out and finished it.

2) Survivor- A reread. (If you read that whole Wikipedia page, you might as well have just read the book. It's not that long.) I had read it in high school and wanted to check it out again. I like Palahniuk's style and it was kind of fun to read again. I'd like to reread Choke, too. It seems like each book he puts out gets weirder and weirder. As in, less likely and more magical-type happenings. I just got 'Haunted' from a friend, so that's next. Interesting fact, I own a copy of Survivor in Dutch, which Palahniuk signed "To Katy, How's your Dutch?" and sent to me. Long Story, ask me sometime if you want to hear it. I like telling it.

3) A Million Little Pieces- I found this at a thrift store out in California and remembered that there had been controversy over the content of this 'memoir'. The author embellished and Oprah blew it wide open. So I thought I'd check it out. It was interesting, but I kept waiting for the author to be humbled and learn his lesson, and he never did. He seemed pretty arrogant and stubborn. Oh well. You can't all be perfect like me.

4) A book about the Donner Party- It seemed like a good idea at the time. Reading about 'local' history and a really fascinating time and story. However, it was weird to be reading about starvation and death in the mountains while lounging by a pool in 70 degree weather. It was a downer, but I regret nothing!

5) The Devil Wears Prada- Another trift store book. Never seen the movie, wanted to check it out, liked it alright. Entertaining.

Well, hope you enjoyed the book review. I know everyone enjoys hearing my opinion on everything and just can't get enough, so you're welcome ;) Tomorrow is another day at QBP, so I'd better patter off to bed. Sometime soon I'll have to post up some photos of the vacation. Until next time...

Ah, I almost forgot, here's a topical photo of me reading. Plus, Russell required a pic of the fancy gold swimsuit.


Here's a little something for the ladies, too. Cale's brother battles chafing: