Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Team Pegasus Calendar Pre-Orders

Order your calendars now! For real, that's an order! David from Seattle has beaten all y'all suckers and ordered one already.

Nothing sells like nudity, and we've got that, too! Partial nudity for the sake of art and charity, no less.

Photo by the talented Kat Jacobs.
Read her blog here.

Order at http://www.teampegasuscycling.com/?page_id=4


David said...

Heh, my name just got the drop. I didnt expect that to happen. Nothing like bikes and chicks to help the next year come and go with ease.

Hopefully I wont be too distracted (didnt order the NSFW cover up stickers) by the calender when its mounted over my work desk at home.

T.S. said...

Hey, I just wrote a full post about the calendar and linked up to you!