Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New Bike Room

We just moved and are finally settled in. We've got a loft style apartment and then a storage area we negotiated for the bikes. 15+ bikes and all the fixins do not fit just anywhere. A lot of the shelves were already there- the last tenant was into Ebay sales and kept all of his stuff here. Here are some quick shots Cale took of the bike room last night.

Directly below is the storage area for all of our junk (Halloween colored Rubbermaids were on sale at Target :) ). It's about twice as wide as what's pictured. After that are some shots of the work bench, and bringing up the rear is the bike storage area.

We've has some neighbors stop in and ask what kind of business we're setting up. Sadly, no. Our business is spending money, not making it.


Racerveza said...

Great setup. I hope you have at least as many locks as you do bikes.

tosacrosser said...

Nice set up! I know some bike shops that could take lessons...

Snacks said...

Cale gets all the credit for the bike room. I had my hands full organizing my junk and hiding it in big orange tupperwares. The pretty set-up was not my doing!


you rock, Katy! very cool what you are doing! check out the bike i'm buying tomorrow:


sold my car about 6 months ago, so that bike will be my main transport from now on.

big hug,