Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Ladies of Team Pegasus Calendar!

How can I explain how excited I am about this? I can't. Presenting the Ladies of Team Pegasus (and friends) 2009 calendar:

I think I've been doing too much design lately. I can't even stop in my free time! I'm going to blame it on doing the catalogs and brochures for Hayes. Now that I've got a taste of my work in bound, printed form, I've got a thirst for it! Organizing photo shoots (in the loosest interpretation of organizing)? Check. Recruiting models? Check. In talks with a printer? Check. Advertising the calendar? Check.

But enough about me, more about the calendar. Half of the proceeds will go to Team Pegasus, and the other half will go to World Bicycle Relief, a truly worthy cause. Right now we're still finalizing the catalog, but it will be available to pre-order online within the next few weeks.

Here are the outtakes photos we're using to advertise it. They're just teasers and won't be used in the calendar:

Ooooo-eee! Sharp looking photos and ladies, right? Top photo by Minx, bottom by the talented Ms. Kat Jacobs.

It's cool to see how news of the calendar has spread. Simon at Hipster Nascar got the scoop, and it was then spread to Tracko, overseas and a myriad of other blogs. So many links! See how fresh we are? That's street cred right there.

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