Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Leisurely Road Ride

Last night Cale pried me off of the couch to go for a road ride. We're planning on doing 12 hour duos all this summer, so I think he's just trying to make sure I don't drag him down ;) We left around 6 and headed North. It was a great night for it- one of the first nice warm nights we've had. The wind had died down and it was only a little cool when we got close to the lakefront. We cruised along at a good clip, following the standard northern route.
Just as we were starting out and getting toward downtown, there was some impatient honking behind us at a light. We looked over our shoulders, and I considered giving a general bird to whoever it was. When the light turned green, a car with some young ladies in it went past and one of them waved out the window and called "Sorry! We weren't honking at you!" I kind of laughed, and Cale remarked that you'd never get that in Chicago. No, indeed.
Other than that, the ride was pretty uneventful. We must have made a pretty pastel procession with our jerseys and helmets. I rode the Gios, so hills weren't so much fun (it tends to shift by itself when under stress) but it was a good night for cruising, anyhow. We rode up 15 miles, then turned around and finished up the ride. We saw a lot of people out- none that I recognized by name, though. Such beautiful weather, though. We'll be doing road rides or getting out to Kettle a few more times before the week is out, I'd wager.

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