Thursday, May 29, 2008

Kettles and COGs

Cale and I went to Kettle Moraine again last night. If we ever planned ahead, maybe other people could plan to go along as well. Oh well, there's a group ride forming on Saturday, so I won't have to put up with Cale alone then. Heh.

But anyhow, we got out there good and early, due to a short workday, so we did the Full Monty. The weather was perfect once we got going- not too hot, not too cold. It took me a while to warm up as I haven't been out since Saturday and all my parts were creaking in protest. My ribs are still a little sore and tense, and they were putting up a fight last night, especially when climbing and pulling on the bars. Eventually, though, I got going and started to really enjoy the wonderful conditions- perfect weather, very few mosquitos, tacky trails that were not too wet or dry.

The trails are looking mighty fine, and most have only improved with the traffic that's been on them. There is one gravelly hill that's gotten a lot looser that frustrated me, though. Since I was favoring my ribs (by not pulling on the bars), I wasn't staying far enough back over the wheel while in a standing climb, and I kept skidding out. I gave the ol' college try three times, though, so it wasn't for lack of trying. Next time, I bet.

I have noticed that I'm improving, though. I'm not hesitant to roll over most rocks and I've gotten a little faster through corners, though I'm still on the brakes more than I need to be. I'm still pretty slow at log obstacles, though, and kind of timid since one of them taught me a lesson on Saturday. (Next goal: practice bunny hopping). Overall, though, I'd say I'm getting more comfortable on the trails, and my goal of getting better at standing climbs is coming along nicely. When I think about it, I've become a lot stronger standing; I'm not as tired or sloppy, even when doing the Full Monty. Little pat on the back, there. I only hope I can keep on improving.

Oh Hai! Did I mention that I'm in the new issue of COG? This was taken during the Milwaukee Messenger Invitational 7. My boss spotted it and said I was "looking all George Michael if he were a female messenger". I was in a big hurry to get out of there (the photo studio was a checkpoint-the manifest is in my hand) but you wouldn't know it because I'm looking so damn suave. (Photos in photo taken at Shotwell Studio by Cate Hrobsky)

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