Thursday, May 22, 2008


Went out and rode at Kettle Moraine last night with Cale. I was definitely not feeling it- a stiff and unwilling knee and a nauseous feeling for most of the ride. I also felt like I could lie down and go to sleep at any point in time. Cale's going to go over the bikes before this weekend's 12 hour race at New Fane, and I though maybe I could use a few parts replaced, too. Despite sounding like an awful time, it was alright. I don't think you can not have fun at Kettles.

But I was feeling bad, and on top of that, feeling sorry for my poor little self. I was lagging behind moping (what a terrible baby I am sometimes) when we got to The Tricky Hill. I'm not sure what loop it's on or anything, but it's the part where the trail turns but you can kind of keep going straight off the path to tackle this hill. I've always tried to get up it, but you really have to pick a good line and only recently had I made it all the way up. Of course, in my sorry state I was convinced I wouldn't make it up. So of course I didn't. I got caught on the last tree, got off my bike and prepared to storm off, even tossing out a 'F*** it!'. But even I knew what an irrational twit I was being, so I slowed and reconsidered it. I had to try it again, so I stomped off down the hill and had another go at it, this time making it by the skin of my teeth. After that little victory, I couldn't hardly be so mad.

Other than that, it was fairly uneventful. Cale managed to make a little cut in his sidewall which couldn't be patched with the sealant in the tubeless system, so we had to put a tube in. This would have been a non-event were it not for the mosquitos in hot pursuit of our sweet blood. They were everywhere! I had to ask myself what so many mosquitos were doing out in the middle of the woods. Had it been a mosquito booby trap that had slashed Cale's tire? I mean, these bloodsuckers in the middle of the woods, what do they do with the rest of their time? Or had they been following us? Whatever the case is, the woods are thick with them. Enjoy the trails- they're great right now- but beware the Wisconsin State Bird (har har).

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