Monday, July 8, 2013

Swim on, Patrice

My good buddy Patrice, the male betta fish I kept at my desk, has passed on to a better place. And by that I mean I could see that he was fatally ill but couldn't bring myself to end the suffering, so I had a coworker do the deed for me. This coworker informs me that this contract killing and any other such killings (any ex- or current boyfriends giving me trouble) will be free. I'm afraid I've given him a taste for blood.

Unpleasant though Patrice's final days may have been, let us remember the spry young yellow fish I brought home on January 17, 2010. Over three and a half years I've had this guy, from my desk at Hayes, to my house in Asheville and now here for very nearly a year.

Snips and Patrice, my new fish.

So long, old friend.

1 comment:

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