Monday, July 29, 2013

Bull's Bridge etc

This past weekend (How many of my blog posts start this way? Maybe just enough.) Tyler and I took the long way to go on a road ride. The first stop was the famous Elephant Trunk flea market. We just stopped in for the last 45 minutes, so it wasn't too happenin', but it was an interesting flea. There's a special place in my heart for the Wellfleet flea, though, and I don't see this one replacing it. I did get a little succulent plant for $5 because I'm secretly half hipster and require things like succulents, hiking boots with red laces and things with birds on them.

That pocket on my shirt? Birds.


We made another quick stop at a vintage store we had seen driving through last weekend, but it was a bit of a bust. Interestingly enough, though, the bottom story of this house was half vintage store, half knife and sword store called 'Affordable Swordables'. Let it not be said these guys don't have a sense of humor.

Then we did one last bit of procrastinating before our road ride - we stopped to kick around Bull's Bridge, a covered bridge near the Connecticut/New York state line.

The day we went was sadly the last day of swimming, as they've been having a lot of trouble with vandalism and littering.


We hopped around below the bridge for a while.



It was a popular place - gotta wonder how well the crack down on swimming will go.



We made our way up above the bridge to explore a little more. This side had some really interesting rock.


There were lots of holes that almost looked like they had been drilled in the rocks.




It got really neat up above what I assume is a dam.


I shamelessly used my camera's 'miniaturize' setting.


After allll that explorin', we finally got down to some riding.



...and a little posing.


After that, there was a quick dinner at the White Horse (check out the squinty horse!) and a pretty sunset.



Wrapped up another good one.

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