Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Halloween Costume .5

Snips and the Fur

Since this isn't a progress shot of my costume yet, we'll call this post Halloween Costume .5. These are my materials. Any guesses, from those who haven't heard the latest plan?

Snips and the Fur

Bella and the Fur

We've got 2.5 yards of REALLY ugly brown fur (that the pets love, you see), 100 pipe cleaners (or chenille sticks, as they're called these days) and something like 4 yards of cheap white fabric. While I may not totally agree with Columbus Day, I do agree with the sales. I think this is about all I'll need to buy or collect for the costume, which is a nice change from last year's expensive (and TOTALLY WORTH IT) costume. By the way, don't go expecting something on that level again. It's pretty much impossible.

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