Sunday, August 29, 2010

Guess who's back, suckers!

After a few weeks of hard work and late hours, everything's rolling in and I can schedule extra curricular activities again. Life is sweet. I'm even done with endurance races that I can barely endure for a while (but that's another post for another time).

Some stems that I worked on a while ago came in last week. I had a bunch of bad ideas and then finally this one, and at the same time as the product manager. I showed him a printout of what I had been working on and he showed me a piece of paper he had been sketching on. Same concept.

stem 002

On Friday I stayed late working on the product cards. These are headed to Eurobike to be posted in the trade show booth. Five hours it took to print, laminate and cut these suckers out! I've got ideas on how to make it faster the next go 'round, but here we are.

Product Cards

Last but certainly not least, the catalog I've been working on for weeks is done. Can you imagine how good it feels to have boxes and boxes of a 90 page catalog stacked in your office? All the hours of work, neatly packaged and stored in the corner. (It feels great.)


Even more over here!


Now, to be reintroduced to normal life.

Cale's company had an outing on Lake Winnebago. Booze cruise!

Booze Cruise

Cale and I went to the farmer's market in Riverwest. Like a real yuppie grownup, I got just the most charming bunch of flowers. Here the cat starts to make a meal of them.

Flowers and Naughty Cat

I get to eat dinners that don't come from the refrigerator at work; no more leftovers or frozen pot pies. Once again, Chef Cale prepares my meals.


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