Monday, October 12, 2009

USGP Planet Bike Cup

A photo from the USGP Planet Bike Cup a few weekends ago... back when it was nice out :(

Why yes, I am ready for my close up.

And another photo from Sage of me cheering for teammates and friends during other races:

Photos from Sage Brown's Flickr set.

To give a brief race report, both days I rode Cale's bike because mine was still in Las Vegas. It worked out fine and I did about as well as a local yokel in an international race would do... third to last one day and last the next!

Lame as it sounds (and, er, it kind of is) I had a decent race on the first day, holding off a woman from Ohio who kept coming up behind me.

On the second day I rolled a tubular at the bottom of the hill. I ran it through that section, yanked the tire back on the rim and then carefully rode to the pits to get another bike. It was the second to last lap when this happened, and the women behind me passed me up when I was hoofing it in the off-camber section (putting me in last place) and I was sorely tempted to just quit. For whatever reason, though, I decided to finish.

There was some confusion leaving the pit- I started biking back toward where I had come in instead of going out the 'exit'- and I had about a dozen mechanics and even the announcer shouting at me to try to steer me straight. After I was pointed the right way again, I started off on the final lap. It was really cool because the race was in Sun Prairie, which is close to where my parents live, and they came to spectate for both days. On this final lap, as I was running up the hill, I saw my dad's shoes and looked up from the pain cave to hear him yell "Way to not quit!" as he hung over the side of the course ringing a cowbell. I'm glad I finished up the race.

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