Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Still Alive!

Hooooo boy. What's been happenin' lately? Things have been really very busy at work. I'm just coming down with a nasty (or it feels like it'll turn out to be nasty) cold, which should be a nice cherry on top of another busy week. Other than that, I can't really complain. I've been happy with the work that I'm doing, which is great. Working hard is ok with me as long as it's for a good cause. My design work has been moving along pretty quickly- it seems I don't need to stumble around so much, that I'm getting faster and better with practice. Here's a little bit of what I've been doing. Bird and tree silhouettes are still in, right? Right?! (The thin turquoise lines are not part of the design, they're like ruler marks that won't appear in the final design.)

Cale and the cat have been doing well. Snips has lost some of his tubby stomach. He's taken to hanging out on top of one of our dressers, and loves 'hiding' under the drying clothes I hang up. Here he is looking sweet in his spandex fort...

And here he is, ready to attack. I love how black his eyes get.

Cale's going the opposite way of the cat- gaining girth, but in a good way. He's been doing really well training, and has put on muscle. Me, I'm about the same I suppose. Not getting a whole lot of riding in, but for the weekends, and maybe not losing weight or getting faster, but keeping my strength as far as I can tell. Sooo there's that!

This past weekend we got in a great road ride with a bunch of teammates. I'm the tiny looking one on the far left. I need to hang out with a pack of dudes more often.

The hours I'm not working, sleeping or coming up with some other excuse not to train, I'm sewing my Halloween costume. I'm set on Las Vegas showgirl, which so far has meant hours and hours of sequins and beads. I'm really enjoying it, actually. I've had to go hunting for pieces- earrings, necklace, certain beads and sequins. And more beads and more sequins. Pretty soon I'm going to be on to the headdress and 'tailpiece', for lack of a better term. If only I could afford a real headdress, but alas, $450 is more than I'm willing to spend on a Halloween costume, no matter how magnificent. I'll probably go with a small one (around $25), and supplement it with some tulle. And probably some sequins and beads.

That thar's the top. It's a bra with about 500 sequins and 700 beads sewn to it. On the left, it's just sequins. On the right, a beading has taken place. Ha ha. I've finished that part since, and now I'm onto the sides. With any luck (well, a lot of luck) I'll debut the costume at CrossVegas for the race. I'm not sure if I should ask permission of the race officials or just show up at the start line in costume.

Speaking of: This weekend Gnomefest, next weekend Las Vegas! Two huge events of the year coming up SOON!

Well, it's off to bed for me. So much to say, so little time.

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