Thursday, July 23, 2009

West Bend Again

Well, let's start with two days ago. Tuesday after work I took my truck to a friend of a friend with shop to have it fixed. Cale's done a couple of repairs on it, like when the throttle body got rusted and stuck, and when he fixed the power steering...

but it was time to call in some professionals when it came to the ball joints and a handful of other stuff, too. (Update: it's all fixed and ready to pick up, and the good news is that it should live to see many more miles.) Anyhow, I dropped that off Tuesday night and Cale came (with Dana and Tony already crammed in the Hyundai) to pick me up on the way up to Cedarburg to watch the Superweek race.

It's always a neat race because Cale's parents live right next to the course. Last year I'm afraid we just dropped in on them with a bunch of friends and racers after the race! This year it was planned, and Linda (Cale's mom) put out a wonderful spread for all of us. I always mean to take some snapshots of hanging out in the beautiful backyard around the picnic table, but I think I wind up feeling too content exactly where I am, and my ambission dissipates. You'll just have to take my word for it that we had a great time with a wide collection of folk.

Last night Cale and I got some mountain biking in at West Bend. It's been a lot of road race spectating with Superweek in town, and it was nice to get out to ride the trails. One of the guys we're hosting, Anthony, was taking the day off from racing and came riding with us, too. Here's a shot of him tackling the hill you have to suffer up in order to get to the trails.

We picked up Gunnar on the way to the trails and met Jake out there, too.

As you can see, since we got a late start, it started getting a little dusky in the woods toward the end of our ride! We made it out of the woods with all members of the party, though, and shall all live to pedal another day.

As a funny aside, one of Cale's coworkers happened to be in the drive-thru lane at the Culvers we park at to ride. I came down the hill and into the parking lot along side the line, and a minute later Cale's phone started to ring- the coworker recognized the Pegasus kit. Speaking of Culvers and their delicious frozen custard, one of the best things topping off the day was getting some ice cream before heading for home. It's not often that I don't want ice cream, and yesterday was no exception. We all got 'treats' and ate them in the car- it was a good way to unwind.

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