Monday, July 20, 2009


Back before the Fourth of July sometime (man, I'm behind!) Jeff came up from Chicago to visit Milwuakee and ride some trails. We went out to eat Friday night at Honeypie, where we almost swiped a dessert off of a neighboring table (just ask for the full story sometime) and spent the rest night giggling about it. Saturday morning we drove out to the Southern Kettles to get some riding in.

Here's Jeff:

Sand? He's got it under control.

And Cale, coming up Bypass Hill:

...and riding a nice new log feature:

As some may remember, I broke my hand a couple of months ago in a sandy section when I slid out and hit a tree with my hand/bars. My hand is doing fine in that I can still pick my nose and online shop, but during very long rides or the day after such 'epics' it tends to ache a little. When we started on the familiar sandy section, I kept an eye out so that I could give a little back to the tree. I found the lousy ol' pine and taught it a lesson it won't soon forget!

Other than that altercation and the constant battle with mosquitos, it was a pretty lovely day!

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