Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

From two weekends ago? Thought I'd put up a couple of photos of the Ronsta Ramble from Memorial Day Weekend. Just to prove that we ride for fun sometimes :) It was a great route and it's good Cale had his GPS on the bike so we can ride it again if we so please.

Saturday we took it pretty easy. In the evening we got some tamales and chips and salsa from El Ray and rode to a park on the South Side. Don't remember what it was called or where exactly it was, but I like it that way. Maybe someday we'll stumble across it again, and that'll make it that much cooler. After that was Leon's for dessert, which is always a treat. Pun... intended?


minx said...

hadn't seen a close-up of the white jerseys on yet, katy, they look faaantastic.

Snacks said...

thanks, baby. it helps that all of the sponsor logos are cool looking.