Monday, June 22, 2009

A Day in the Life

A pretty great Monday, actually. This weekend was chock full of just hanging out around the apartment and sleeping in, so it feels like waking up from a refreshing nap to get back at 'em. This morning I drove my bike to work so I could bike home. Reason being, it's hard to motivate myself to wake up early to bike in when the truck's right outside practically begging to be driven around. Also, I get pretty tired waking up early and then biking 20 miles first thing, so by the time 4:00 rolls around I just want to be home relaxing, not biking all the way back downtown.

The answer to both problems is to drive up one morning, bike home in the evening, then bike in the next morning and drive home that evening. A good mix; getting exercise, saving the environment and sparing my poor old truck the miles.

Anyhow, work was good, I got a good amount done and there was a good bit of banter flying around the office. At 5:00 I headed out to meet up with Cale, who had gotten out of work a little early and was biking up toward Mequon. We had a point chosen to meet up, but since he got there first he decided to bike further to meet up on my route. Which was fine, 'cept I totally didn't see him (It was a four lane street with a median- and trees!). So miles later he finally caught up to me when I stopped at the agreed-to meeting point. He was pretty tired, after really killing it the 20 miles to meet me and then trying to catch up to me (while I was hurrying to meet him) on top of that.

After getting home, we ran quick like bunnies to change and go shopping for some homemade pizza ingredients to grill on Cale's father's day present to himself (though he's not a father and doesn't intend to be...) We got some really delicious stuff and got enough to make about eight small but diverse pizzas. It turned out to be quite the impromptu gathering.

Before you know it, it's 11 and everyone has thanked you for the pizza and scarpered before cleanup time :) Luckily my good friend Emily Joy was too late in getting away and was socially obligated to help pick up. What a champ.

So here I am, up a little too late, blogging away. I've got a bed waiting for me, and then after that this guy. It should be a pretty commute tomorrow morning. Crisp and early-morning sunny is my prediction.

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Richard said...

That's a nice Blue. I've been by the Blue factory just outside of Atlanta.