Monday, September 29, 2008

Catsup: Las Vegas

This past week, Cale and I journeyed to Las Vegas to attend Interbike, watch and do some races, and maybe get into some trouble. We didn't manage to find much trouble, but we had a good time. Rather than go through each day like my middle school diary (Today I got a B+ on the science quiz. I ate lunch with Gabi and Asia. I think Daryl looked at me- He's so cute!), I'm going to do highlights and impressions.

No Nos

Nothing is illegal in Vegas, as far as I can tell. You can buy alcohol round the clock, hookers are advertised everywhere and there absolutely no 'No U-turn' signs anywhere. Crazy!!! I didn't test it, but I think public nudity would totally fly, too.

Oxygen is Sneaky

A lot of the big hotel/casinos smelled amazing. Like a perfume and oxygen scent. Apparently they pump in oxygen to keep you from realizing that you're exhausted from gambling away your kid's college fund. I also learned it makes you want to spend money on expensive little black dresses. We were wandering around the Venetian- which is also lighted with bottled daylight- and I stumbled into BCBG. The sales girl fell upon me, started a fitting room and then it was all over. She pulled out one of her favorite dresses for me to try, and gosh darn if it didn't look amazing. And what do you know, I bought it. I won't name a price, but let's say it was about a long day's salary, which is much more than I would usually spend. Oh well. Vegas. Vacation.

You're doing it right.

Wearing said dress and a pair of 4" patent leather high heels that I borrowed from a friend, Kelly, I was ready to go out to dinner. Cale was grabbing some last minute things and I was standing in the doorway of the hotel room, halfway out into the hall. A repair man down the hall looked over and was like 'Hey mami'. When I told Kelly that I thought I had just been mistaken for a call girl, she said 'You know you've gotta be doing it right'. I laughed and thought, well, hopefully I looked expensive.

The other story is, after winning the Wheelers and Dealers race, Cale was trumpeting 'Katy won!' all over the place. The woman who won the pro race was named Katie Compton (another Katy/ie). A few people came up to me and enthusiastically congratulated me. I think they may have mistaken me for Katie Compton- I don't know what she looks like, and there are probably some other people who don't know, either. I like to think that, in the dark and to inebriated cyclocross fans, I could look like a pro champion, too.

Living the Life

We went to Interbike two days in a row, and it was exhausting! It sounds ridiculous that walking around could wear you out, but by the time we got back to the hotel room on the first day, our legs ached and we were aching for a nap. Interbike, along with exploring and racing, really wore us out. For our last full day, we wanted to relax before checking out the road race. When we booked the hotel room, we noted that there was a topless pool that was free for women and $10 for men (hah!). Kelly and I were up for it (Since this is a family blog, I'll let you interpret that. Keep it to yourself.) so Kelly and Lyle and Cale and I headed for the pool a little after noon, armed with some books, champagne and lots of sunscreen. It was a good atmosphere and we had a great time doing absolutely nothing. By the end of the day the pool guy knew our names and drinks of choice.

In case you're curious, the other people enjoying the facilities were a mix of tourists, foreign and non, along with a couple of shiny bronze regulars. There were also several guys on their laptops in a shaded area checking out... I mean, checking their email. On one last note, I always thought there was nothing more awkward looking than someone struggling onto an inflatable pool toy. Now, however, I know that there's nothing more awkward than someone topless struggling onto an inflatable pool toy.

Not a cent.

The whole time we were in Vegas, we didn't gamble a single penny. Seriously. Lyle and Kelly had fun doing a few hours of 'small stakes gambling' with $5 at the penny slots, but it seemed like we never had time to gamble and drink a few complimentary drinks. Alas.

Hype Man

Team Pegasus needs a hype man. This we decided while watching a BMX show at the road race. They did a few awesome tricks, but then their hype man just yakked for forevah. Just imagine...

At the start of cx races, with a DJ spinnin' it in the background:
"Hey hey hey, it's Team Pegasus in da house! We got my man Cale, Jason, Andrew- awwwww, my main man Baby Teal! Hell yea, you know we ain't messin' around here. Hey DJ, let's rewind it. Reeee-wiiiind! Shit, that's some New York shit right there."


It was fun. We were glad to be home, but we enjoyed Las Vegas. It's for sure not really 'me', but I liked exploring the place and seeing all sorts of things you wouldn't see in Milwaukee. Speaking of, the reason why you aren't seeing any photos is because I couldn't find my camera! It was terrible. I had it in the morning, couldn't find it before leaving and I still haven't found it. Gah!

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