Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Warming Weather

I finally got that blog I've been promising everyone! It's obnoxiously pink, which matches Team Pegasus' colors. A big thanks to all of my sponsors, family and friends for supporting me. A warning to my rowdy friends: this is for my parents and relatives, so keep the comments clean!

So Team Pegasus is going into full effect with the warming weather. This past weekend we visited the velodrome (big oval track with banked corners for biking real real fast!) in Kenosha for a team meeting. What we met about, I couldn't say, but we did a lot of biking and I got a nice rosy sunburn. Yes, I wore sunscreen, and yes, I should have reapplied, shouldn't I have? Next weekend we're going to be travelling to Iowa for the Trans Iowa race, which is 300+ miles all in one shot. I won't be racing in it, but I'm going along as support.

My next race is going to be on May 5th. It's called a Brevet, and it's less of a race than a test of your gumption and sticktoitiveness. It's going to be a 300k ride that takes place during a specified time frame and your only goal is to make it to the finish line. I missed the 200k, and there are also 400k and 600k rides, but first things first.

The team kit (i.e. little spandex outfits) are expected to arrive this Friday, so look for pictures of one well dressed biker, coming soon.

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