Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Past Shenanigans

Here are some pictures of the other fun things I've done on bikes...
The first one is a picture of my summer self and my friend Joey. We're at a bar where the monthly Alley Cat races begin. Alley Cats are like a scavenger hunt, but for places. Often times you don't know what stops the race will have: when you get there they give you a list of places you need to go to.
The second photo (which is sideways?) is from a mountain bike race that I did outside of Milwaukee on a mountain bike I borrowed from a friend. Thanks Pete!
Third is a picture that a MIAD photo student took (Thanks Kat!) in Chicago before a race called Race to the Ends of the Earth.
Then we have a picture from a race called the Scaredy Cat, which took place in Madison on Halloween. I was a fire hydrant! I got lots of comments as I rode around.
Last but not least in the least bit is a picture of me on my tricycle. Did I need a tricycle? Mmmmyes. I got it at a swap for $25, and Cale helped me fix it up. Big thanks to Cale, even though you said fixing it was 'like polishing a turd'.

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