Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hanging Hills with Rachel

A while ago I went hiking with good buddy Rachel at Hanging Hills in Connecticut. It's got a 'castle' that we decided to hike up to. It's probably a very pretty park in the summer with the river, et al. Conditions were cold with icy, slippery/crusty snow when we were there, but no matter.

Weird castle tower... yay? On the way down we happened upon something really cool, though. This little ditch/stream had the most beautiful topographic ice on it. It must have been formed over a few days, with different levels and temperatures of water. The top of the ice was smooth but underneath there were crisp lines between different thicknesses of ice.

It also made a really beautiful tinkling glass sound when it was broken because it was thin ice and there was no water underneath to dampen the sound. Beautiful looks vs beautiful sound. It was a conundrum. We compromised by only messing around with the areas that were already broken.

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