Thursday, October 25, 2012

Legs of the Table Variety

A few weeks (months?) ago I decided to do something about my lack of a table. I was visiting my friend Rachel, and we decided to pop into a Habitat for Humanity store. Well, I may have kind of dragged her in, but that's neither here nor there. In the back of a dusty old barn they used as furniture storage I found a round table with four pretty cool legs, on sale for $15 or so. The tabletop was old plywood - nothing special - and it wouldn't fit in my car, so we found some tools and took the legs off. It was worth the little bit of effort:



The next day I was in New Haven, which has an Ikea, so I picked up a new tabletop for the legs. I forget the measurements, but it's a smaller rectangular cheap-o white tabletop that worked just fine. I felt like embracing my love of color that day, so I went with a red-purple paint for the legs.


I think I might paint in the flowers with some broad strokes later, but for now I like the legs just fine.


I put the project together with the idea that it'd be a dining room table, but of course it's turned into a craft table. With my Halloween costume, it's been sewing madness with the old Bernina my Aunt Margie had repaired for me. Amazing that a machine from the 60's is still rocking.


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Elizabeth said...

Sometimes older is better, if they've been maintained well! I have my grandmother in law's 1952 Singer that's in pristine condition. I think that thing could sew through metal just fine...

I'm happy to see you're settling into your new home just fine!