Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Excuses, Excuses.

Ok, so I've been gone for a while. I got a new job at a bike shop, Motion Makers, as their official Shop Girl. This means I'm learning sales and generally helping out. I don't help by doing any sort of repairs or tune-ups to bikes, though - rather, I am most helpful staying far, far away from wrenching on bikes!

I've also recently moved into a new house! I'm in a great house in Arden, NC, which is a little south of Asheville. It's a little bit of a bummer that it's 15 min or so from Asheville proper, but it's closer to the great trails, and it's really close to Cane Creek and Motion Makers. It sat empty for a while, so I've been cleaning and painting.

So after listing out all of these life changes, need I say I've been a little busy to be blogging?

Anyway, I'm starting to catch up on things, so how about a home-refresh post? We're going to make it official by listing where I got some things, so people can go run out to purchase them and try to be just like me.

This is the Before for the bathroom. It was a very bachelor affair!

Bathroom, Before

Bathroom, Before

For the walls I chose a green color called 'Gleeful', which turned out great! I wanted light but not pastel, spring green but not too yellow. Success!

Bathroom, After

Zig-zag rug and leaf shower curtain from Target.
Bath mat, Ralph Lauren, from TJ Maxx.
Red-orange knobs from Anthropologie.
Plant from a friend! I love it in there.

Bathroom, After

Painting from a dumpster in Milwaukee :)
Hand towel, Cynthia Rowley, from TJ Maxx.

Bathroom, After

Bryer model horse from childhood.
Wedgwood Williamsburg five finger posy vase from a thrift store.
Knobs from Anthropologie
Various containers from thrift stores, except the little brown one I made.
Photo and frame from Kate and Maciej (it's a dead fish, fyi)

Bathroom, After

Beautiful porcelain vessel that reminds me of blue cheese, from an artist in Black Mountain.
Vase on the right, thrift store.

Bathroom, After

Here I'm posing with the nurse:
Bathroom, After

I'm proud of this bathroom and how it is now a friendly place! I channeled a friend's mom, who made her parents' older lake home look positively fresh! I can't remember the details of their bathroom, but there was some really big decorating hurdle, like a mauve colored sink and toilet, and she made it look good. It was truly a marvel.


Unknown said...

Love the color, you hit the intensity level just right for the space. Details matter and love them all, especially the shower curtain.

Snacks said...

Thank you!