Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Cruel Mistress

I'm beginning to realize I use the term 'cruel mistress' quite a bit... in this case I'm referring to Graphic Design. My job at Hayes is drawing to a close, and I'm on the hunt for other design jobs in the cycling/outdoors/sports realm, because it interests me and because I'm efficient, proficient and elicit great sales in the cycling industry. (WOO HOO alliteration!) Recently I found what looked to be a pretty cool job that unfortunately pays a pittance. It gave a range that started at $20,000. And their ad got 60+ applicants in three days. I was talking to Robb about this job and just kind of hashing things out. It went something like this:

Robb: ...Yeah, but that salary at the high end is like working at Target.
Me: But they said they got 60+ applicants, and they even had a guy lined up to start in that salary range.
Robb: What happened to him, why didn't that go through?
Me: The person mentioned it but I don't remember.... I think maybe he starved to death.
Robb: Hah.
Me: Or it might have been some combination of exposure to the elements and starvation...

Point being, I'm not good at quitting while I'm ahead on jokes, and that times are tough, people! Boo Hoo for me, right? I swing between optimism: "Surely the universe will provide! Things will be ok after this little rough patch! Keep at it!" and despair: "There's nothing out there! And there are hungry designers dying of exposure who will surely take any job at any salary at any cost! Oh, the humanity!"

If you would like to help the universe provide, let me know if you know of anything.

This is my most excellent recent catalog that I use to lure potential employers in. Feel free to pass it on.


To the friends who've already alerted me to opportunities (you know who you are) thank you very much. It stocks the optimism that's in short supply.

Job Hunt 2012 continues....

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