Sunday, September 19, 2010

No Good Double Cross

Cyclocross again... I'd forgotten how much fun it is to see everybody. Yesterday's race was in an old west town (here in the Midwest, no less), the Kettle Moraine Ranch. The horses were corralled near the back part of the race course, the goats and the miniature pony right by the timing tent, and there was a rooster somewhere that I never saw, but heard throughout the race. The goats were pretty disinterested, but the horses followed the racing throughout the day. Needless to say, it was a pretty cool course.

A shot of the main drag.

Cowgirl Heidi at rounds up racers to register. Hee hee!

Some of the goats.

In the morning it rained like crazy. Cale and I were on the road, and the 4's got dumped on while they were lined up to race. It made for some good cross conditions. By the time I raced at 1:15, it was still slimy in some parts, but a lot less difficult than the morning race.

I lined up with only two other women. One of the cross ladies has gotten pregnant, and I suspect more than a few were up in Chequamegon. This treacherous combo of babies and other races was enough to lower the attendance at the cross race. It was announced that the winner of the second lap (in each category, masters and women) would receive $50... chances were good! For the first lap, I tailed a woman from Gear Grinder, looking for strengths and weaknesses. She was slower up the hills, but in some places I would fall behind and have to accelerate to catch up.

No Good Double Cross
Photo by Ben VC.

On the beginning of the second lap, I made my move. I had decided that I would probably be bested for the win, but I wanted to scoop up the $50 prime. I kicked it in and put some distance between us on the hill after the start/finish line, and stayed ahead for the rest of the lap. My stint in the lead was short, however. I was tired after going for the prime, and eventually gave it up. I was pleased, though. I wasn't going to win it, so I burned some matches, got the prime and then settled back into second, where I was sure I would have wound up, anyway.

But fate would not have it so! And lucky for me. In the spiral part of the course and before the truly muddy part, there were a lot of unavoidable rocks hidden in the dirt/mud. I was running tubulars, and the woman in first place was not. On the last lap, I found her walking her bike with a flat. I'm guessing she pinch flatted on the rocks. It might be the first time I've ever believed that better equipment won a race.

And that's about it. Tubulars saved the day. Hooray!

After that I enjoyed a beverage or two and did some spectating with friends while sporting the flag. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday at all.

No Good Double Cross
Photo by Ben VC.

Photo by John.

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