Friday, August 14, 2009

Ore to Shore Trip Report, Pt.2

*I've been swamped at work, but we'll see if I can get up to date on Ore to Shore stuff*

On Friday, we arrived in Ishpeming and tried to get a hold of Lyle and Kelly to see where they were camped. While we waited for a response, we hung out and saw some of the sights. We stopped at a stand and got some really tasty blueberries and peaches. So good!

After a while, we got a call back, drove back to Marquette and ordered up some Thai food. While waiting for the food, we drove to a nearby beach and hung out for a while. Cale, Lyle, Kelly and I jumped around on the rocks and then settled down with a few drinks. Unfortunately, I wasn't invited to sit on the rock with them, as I wasn't wearing a black shirt.

After eating, we swung by the campsite, got kitted up and went out to explore the last few miles of the course.

We crossed over some railroad tracks, which were garnished on either side by iron ore pellets.

*BTW, those are the new Answer gloves! My pair are a medium, which is maybe a size too large for me, but oh well. Product that you have before it's available to the public MUST be flaunted! I wore them for the race and I don't have any comments because I forgot I was wearing them. Which, for me, is a good glove.

To cap off the day, we went out to eat with Lyle, Kelly, Ryan and John. Highlight? The carafe of cherry soda the waitress brought Ryan when she saw how fast he was draining his soda. Luckily, his diabetic coma didn't last too long.

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