Sunday, May 17, 2009

Brawlin' at Kettles

Loaded up the truck this morning for a nice spring day trip: bikes, chairs, table, charcoal, grill, cooler full of beer. Correct, the first big Kettle outing of the year. Yes, that's another picture of my dang truck. I'll get tired of it sometime, right?

Cale and I met Jeff, Chris and Matt from Chicago and did a few laps. We came across all sorts of lowlifes out there. Pete and his brother, some old coworkers, current coworkers and some plain old friends. Here I've shoddily Photoshopped myself into a picture I took so the whole group is present:

It was perfect riding weather- a little chilly standing around, but perfect for moving. I managed to get in a fist fight with a pine tree, which didn't go so well. I was going slightly down hill and around a corner in deep sand and I lightly applied the brakes thinking "I probably shouldn't put the brakes on." So of course my wheels slipped out from under me and I fell with my weight into a tree. My handlebar got caught (right hand sandwhich) and I went over the bars into the sand. At least it was a soft landing. My bike was kind of on top of me and I felt blood dripping onto my leg... but where was I bleeding? Turns out it was just my water bottle dripping warm water :) Of course this happened when we were furthest from the car. My pinkie and the outside of my hand swelled up but good, but I made it back and expect to live to fight another day.

After riding, we grilled and passed out hot dogs and brats to gain friendship. Then we did a lot of sitting around in the sunshine and drinking.

A few grueling hours later and we switched locales to The General Store to continue lounging around. Matt bought a case of quality Wisconsin beer, which Jeff generously volunteered to watch.

Phwew. It's a tough life.

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Rachel said...

That looks really fun. Glad you won't need an amputation.