Friday, July 18, 2008

Superweek, what?

For those who don't know (and there are actually a few) Superweek is a week+ of road racing that pulls pro racers from all over the country and world, even, to the Milwaukee/Chicago area to race. And it is upon us! Cale and I are hosting three guys from a team based in California, and it's been a lot of fun so far. I'm already sad for when our guests will have to leave, and that's about a week away still.

Last night Cale and I went to Shorewood to watch the Pro 1-2-3 women's and men's races. It took us most of the hour plus race to actually spot the guys we're hosting, because we didn't know what their kit looked like. It was a fun race to watch, and we ran into some other Pegasi while we were up there. Ah, summer.

Here I try to take a picture without Cale's middle finger in it.

Success... kinda.

And here was the Men's Pro 1-2-3 finish

After the race we hung out with the California team, hoping we would look cool basking in their glow, our fixies close at hand for extra cool points. They went in search of beer/water on the race course, and happened across one of the better spectator parties on the second straight of the course. They offered us all beer, soda, water, and ever fancy leftover sandwhiches (we're talking toothpick through olive through sandwich sandwiches- luxe!)

So as you could deduce, they were very nice people. They were talking to us all, and at one point an older gentleman came over and says, "Meet my friend, Greg Lemond, he's a 7 time World Champion". Now, I wouldn't know what Greg Lemond looks like, but this other guy doing the introducing looks like he might be somewhat of a kidder. So I kinda laugh and facetiously say 'Well, I'm two time state champion, would you like my autograph?" and everyone laughs and the 'Greg Lemond' guy asks for what and we talk for a little while. He said he thought single speed mountain biking would be pretty tough, and so automatically I like him (I am highly susceptible to flattery of even the most watered-down variety). Eventually he mingles away, and I go back to talking to Cale and joking with the guys.

Eventually, we all split off to head for home, and it's then that I find out the 'Greg Lemond guy' was Greg Lemond. Hahaha, what an enjoyable and funny life I have :)

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